If you would like to volunteer, please enter your name into the following spreadsheet under the date your wish to come to clinic:

USA Student-Run Free Clinic @ The Salvation Army, 1009 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL (Spring/Summer 2021)

Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

If you are a student from one of the following disciplines, please review the following information to get an idea what you would be doing on a typical day volunteering at the USA SRFC.

Medical Students

  • Uphold HIPAA

  • Professionally and respectfully communicate with other disciplines in healthcare

  • Communicate with patients regarding health issues

  • Obtain and complete history

  • Perform a full physical exam (or focused PE when pertinent)

  • Attempt to develop an assessment & plan for the patient

  • Present the patient to the preceptor

  • If you are willing, the clinic hosts a patient education session from 1-2:30pm. This is optional; however, it is a good way to build relationships with patients that you will encounter from 2:30-5:30pm.

Nursing Students

  • The Nursing Student volunteer must wear the CON approved navy-blue scrubs and ID badge according to the CON uniform policy

  • Nursing student volunteer should also have on them a stethoscope, pen light, pens, trauma shears, etc.

  • The nursing student volunteer should be familiar with how to perform head-to-toe assessment, recording manual blood pressures and vital signs

  • The nursing student volunteer needs to be comfortable documenting/charting assessment findings, counseling the patient, asking the patient questions, and recording vital signs

  • Coordinate plan of care with medical students, clinic coordinator, and other health professions

  • Lead a group session regarding to hand hygiene

Pharmacy Students

  • Help obtain blood glucose and blood pressure values

  • Work with other volunteers from other professions to obtain HPI and PMH

  • Manage the medication dispensary and discuss any medication concerns

  • Discuss potential of enrolling patients to receive medications from Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy

Occupational Therapy Students

Work with volunteers from other disciplines to assess patients for:

  • Mental health

  • Substance abuse

  • Dementia/cognitive deficits/intellectual disability

  • Physical impairments

  • Chronic Pain

  • Chronic Disease

Audiology Students

  • Assist Medical Students in taking case history

  • Ask questions pertaining to hearing and balance

  • Perform otoscopy when needed during the assessment

  • Perform tympanometry and hearing screenings when needed

  • Assist team members in ensuring that patient’s needs are addressed.

  • Educate patients on hearing conservation topics